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I’m seeing a lot of swirling misinformation and various opinions surrounding the news that the iPhone 12 will not come with a power adapter, so I thought I’d set the record straight and then offer some opinions for and against it. And then of course my own opinion too. You know by now I’m too mouthy.


FaceTime: Poor Connection message
FaceTime: Poor Connection message

FaceTime debuted alongside the iPhone 4 and iOS 4 10 years ago, and unfortunately it has been plagued by technical difficulties and a painfully slow roll-out of new features and enhancements ever since. The screenshot above is instantly recognizable by anyone who uses FaceTime. It’s not because we’ve encountered it on occasion, it’s thatwe see it during a FaceTime call far, far too often. It’s frankly unacceptable at this point given the high quality we’ve come to love and expect from Apple’s software.

I’ve been subconsciously bitter about FaceTime for the better part of the decade, but it didn’t really…

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If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “I don’t pay for apps” I’d have enough money to pay for all the apps in the App Store.

I have this theory that people are unknowingly poisoned by the pre-iPhone days. Cell phone carriers were crazy annoying from around 2004–2007. Every little thing you did on your basic flip phone ended up costing money. And you’d get the phone bill and there would be $10–$15 or more tacked on that you didn’t even know you spent, because you used some data here, sent a few instant messages…

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I just finished reading Ron Amadeo’s abysmal review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold on Ars Technica. He just completely ripped the thing to shreds. I think all of us in tech knew the Galaxy Fold was going to be a bad phone, but for a reviewer to flat-out call it a “failure” and an “ugly disappointment” is next-level.

The review got me thinking about how all the Samsung and Android die-hards rushed to point out the Galaxy Fold to me when it was first announced. “I don’t see Apple releasing anything like this,” they bragged, or so they thought. Of…

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So here’s a funny story.

Back in 2014, I published what is now my most popular article I’ve ever written: How to Handle Someone Else’s Anxiety or Panic Attacks. I wrote it at the time because I saw so many self-help tips for anxiety (most of which are bullshit) and basically no resource on how to aid someone else going through it. I never realized it would hit well over one million views, still getting thousands per day. I am humbled by how many people it has reached and helped, and I hope you’re all doing well.

The success of…

New 16-inch MacBook Pro. Photo: Apple
New 16-inch MacBook Pro. Photo: Apple
New 16-inch MacBook Pro. Photo: Apple

For the past few years, the tech community has felt pretty uneasy about the products Apple has been churning out. Among Apple fans, that uneasiness was a bit more taboo, but was definitely there and arguably even more apparent. For decades, the media has been claiming Apple lost its touch, but this time it started to feel real. The company was releasing what seemed like one lukewarm product after the other at the same time as they were experimenting with raising prices — a one-two punch to the face. That is, until this year.

A Series of Flops

Some Thoughts on the State of Online Inclusivity in 2019

I remember how much I used to love and advocate for social media — yes even in the time of MySpace, which started its peak around 2005 or 2006. The Internet was this amazingly fun place that also felt to me like the most inclusive. It allowed me to find my voice and encouraged my own self-expression in ways I had never been confident enough to before. It empowered me personally to not only come out, but feel like I wouldn’t be a “freak” because so many other people online shared my exact feelings. …

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You’ve undoubtedly noticed the notch at the top of the iPhone X or iPhone XS display. It’s that black part that houses the top speaker, camera, and Face ID technology that cuts into the display, leaving it to extend into two corners.

The easy answer as to why it’s there has already been said. It houses the speaker and camera system. Obviously, they need to stick that stuff somewhere, right? But that’s the easy answer, and while it’s true, it does not address the full extent of Apple’s reasoning.

The reality is that the notch is a design compromise. It’s…

I’m having anxiety. And it started with Christina Grimmie.

I have to type all of this out because I don’t really know what else to do with it. The recent death of Christina Grimmie, 22-year-old The Voice contestant and YouTube star, plus the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando… they’re bothering me. Other deaths and shootings obviously also bother me, but these are really irking me for some reason. I’m disturbed.

I think I’m disturbed because I keep trying to make sense of it and I can’t. I’m trying to figure out why all those people died and I…

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I recently finished up my first ever Whole30. I’d recommend it to anyone. And I’m a total carb-a-holic so don’t say you can’t do it because if I can, anyone can.

On top of that learning experience, I’ve really been doing heavy research on healthy eating habits this year because I want to be a healthier person. I’ve felt the benefits and want to stay on track, despite living in a world where that’s extremely difficult.

I learned many revealing things about food and health that a large portion of people probably don’t realize. And I didn’t either until now…

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