26 Things I Learned About Food, Health, Me, and You

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I recently finished up my first ever Whole30. I’d recommend it to anyone. And I’m a total carb-a-holic so don’t say you can’t do it because if I can, anyone can.

On top of that learning experience, I’ve really been doing heavy research on healthy eating habits this year because I want to be a healthier person. I’ve felt the benefits and want to stay on track, despite living in a world where that’s extremely difficult.

I learned many revealing things about food and health that a large portion of people probably don’t realize. And I didn’t either until now, so I thought I’d share. Disclaimer: Consult the experts if you’re uncertain about anything.

Note: These statements come from a variety of sources. Many of them come from Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig’s wonderfully educational book It Starts with Food. Some of them I’ve linked to throughout. And the rest are scattered throughout the Internet. Search them and I’m sure you’ll find validation.

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